Warum ist ein Loch im Kanister-Deckel?

Why is there a hole in the canister lid?

You've probably noticed the small hole in the urine canister. You immediately ask yourself: Did Ecoshit make a mistake?

Coincidence or intention?

"Perhaps the hole is just a coincidence and doesn't belong there - after all, the odor trap can no longer function properly through this hole!"

Here we can reassure you and you can rest assured. Our products are not a coincidence but rather well thought out from start to finish. Every little thing and every detail is pure intention!

This small hole in the canister lid serves to equalize the pressure and is of paramount importance. If liquid is added to the canister, the air is displaced to the same extent and must be able to escape from the canister. Thanks to our odor trap, there is no air circulation and the odors remain in the canister with the urine. So only as much air comes out through the small hole as the urine is put into the canister.

What would happen without the hole?

Without the small hole, the urine would not drain properly. In the best case scenario, there would be bubbling in the separator insert and the urine would drain more slowly - in the worst case scenario, there would be a backlog and flooding in the bathroom.

When used in the vehicle, if you cover a lot of altitude on a tour, excess pressure could also build up in the urine canister. The excess pressure is not explosive or dangerous, but the urine certainly would not drain.


Therefore, please always make sure that this small hole is not blocked and can fulfill its function.

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