About Us

The team

We are a small family business from the Bavarian Rhön. In our private lives, we are passionate campers and know about the problems surrounding “business” on the road and in nature. With a lot of energy, love, passion and creativity we are trying to solve this problem sustainably. During development and production, we work closely with our local partners, manufacturers and suppliers in order to be able to offer really great products.

our philosophy

We should be kind to our environment and be careful with the resources available. Because we want the generations following us to be able to live happily on this planet.

Sustainability and environmental protection

Our most important corporate values ​​are sustainability and environmental protection. Every new product and all processes are evaluated according to these criteria and optimized against them. Among other things, we pay attention to energy consumption, the CO2 footprint, the shortest possible routes, savings in packaging waste and the reduction of rejects, garbage and waste. In the medium term, we would like to transform our workshops into an energy-self-sufficient, no-waste factory.

Environmental protection is more important to us than profit or rapid growth. Because honesty lasts the longest!

Our vision

We want every person on this planet to be able to afford a modern toilet. We would like to help spread the concept of ecological dry separation toilets and offer real alternatives to conventional chemical or water toilets. Because we build separate toilets for everyone.

We would like to achieve our ambitious goal through professional product development, a high in-house production rate and innovative manufacturing processes. We also refrain from advertising. According to the motto “A good product sells itself”. We also rely on direct sales without discount promotions and large trading margins in order to achieve our goals with maximum efficiency. Because we act out of conviction!

The “Eco Shit Project”

The Eco-Shit Project was launched in the summer of 2019. The aim was to develop a modular and cost-effective separation toilet system. In autumn 2019 we built the first prototype of a stationary garden toilet using standard components. Over two years we gained a lot of experience: the design had to prove itself in daily use and withstand extreme weather conditions. A scientifically supported liquid fertilizer study was carried out using the collected urine. The entire project also provided a large amount of valuable insight into the ergonomics, durability, maintenance, cleaning and handling of stationary dry, separation and composting toilets.

Based on this wealth of knowledge, in August 2021 we began product development for a mobile separation toilet for use in allotments, tiny houses or camping. In the following two years, the DIY set became a sales success, which is why we will continue to develop in this direction. A revised version of our separation insert will come onto the market in 2024 and we would like to conquer new markets.