Build a separate toilet yourself

Are you looking for a separation toilet? Just according to your ideas? At a fair price? Sustainable, stable and consistent? Here is the solution:

With our exclusive DIY set , everyone is able to build their own separation toilet. But you also need material for the toilet housing - for example some scrap wood, roof battens, a metal box or an old ammunition box... there are no limits to creativity here.

Our construction instructions show in detail the construction of a simple toilet construction, which consists of a wooden board and several roof battens.

Depending on your personal taste, you can modify or optimize the toilet housing so that it meets your individual requirements. There are no limits to the options. But don't forget the toilet seat with soft-close mechanism and pink plush cover, a toilet paper holder of your choice and a container for the bedding substrate of your toilet. This means your self-sufficient toilet becomes a true oasis of well-being and going to the toilet is finally fun again!

To the DIY set.

DIY set ecoshit, build your own separating toilet

Our DIY set for building a separating toilet offers, in addition to illustrated instructions, the relevant and perfectly coordinated components to create a fully-fledged dry separating toilet yourself:

  • the separator insert / separator, as the central element of a separating toilet
  • Bucket for the feces
  • Canister for collecting urine
  • Canister lid with integrated odor trap

The construction instructions are ideal for the do-it-yourselfer or hobbyist. The only tools you need are a drill, a jigsaw and a cordless screwdriver.

The necessary building materials are listed in detail in the instructions:

  • A wooden board
  • about 5.5 linear meters of roof battens
  • screws or nails

The instructions are available to download as a PDF and as a video .

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