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Our return promise

When you buy a product, you don't actually think about how and where you can dispose of it after its useful life and lifespan.
However, we as developers are already thinking ahead and are already thinking about how our product can be broken down into its individual parts most efficiently in order to then recycle the raw material according to type.

It's the details that matter

For this reason, we do not use mixed materials such as co-extruded plastics or adhesives. Our separating insert is made of pure polypropylene or ABS. Even for self-built separation toilets according to our DIY construction instructions, neither glue nor silicone is required for production.

Where can I leave the separation toilet?

In general, our separating toilets are constructed to be stable and durable and if stored properly and cleaned regularly, they should last forever. But everything comes to an end. If the toilet is past its prime, it may be time to throw it away.
You can simply return your used Ecoshit separation toilet to us*. We know our product best and will extract the raw materials and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner. However, some components can also be refurbished and reused after an overhaul. According to the motto: "Don't waste, reuse!"
Otherwise, the toilet can be disposed of with bulky waste or at recycling centers.
*You can find the return address in the legal notice. Contact us beforehand and we may be able to send you a return label.
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