Das Kack-Kit

The poop kit

What is the Poop Kit , where did the idea come from and why is it a super-practical everyday survival kit for avoiding dramatic toilet emergencies?

Where did the idea for the poop kit come from?

The idea for our poop kit comes from real life. Who could tell the story behind the product better than the inventor himself? So Peter, how did this product come about? Tell us the whole story!


"Well then - it was a beautiful, summery Sunday morning. The sun was still low on the horizon and a long car ride lay ahead of me. Back from the weekend of celebration that I spent with family and friends. The party is over and I'm sitting in the Car, I have a good hour and a half drive home ahead of me, through many small villages and along country roads. So it happened that I suddenly felt a pressure in my stomach that got stronger from kilometer to kilometer and from minute to minute. It was clear to me that I I had to urgently go to a toilet in the near future. I had to quickly check my options: My route was off the motorways on an expressway. I've already driven past 3 laybys and several parking spaces, but each without a toilet. No major city in sight a vanishingly small hope of finding an open shop where I could stop and ask for help. I was completely on my own.

The next parking lot was right on the edge of the forest, ideal for relieving myself somewhere in the wilderness. Stopped, got out, ... there's not a single toilet paper or tissue to be found in the entire car. So there I am standing - lonely and abandoned at a layby. Tormented by the human requirement to wipe one's bottom in a civilized manner after defecation. Then I had to squeeze my butt together, shove my ass back into the car and drive on in agony, still desperately searching for a parking space with a toilet. The pressure in my stomach has now given way to increasing pain in my abdomen. After what felt like an eternity I arrived home, just in time. Into the house and off to the toilet. Going to the toilet has never been as liberating and relieving as it was that day.

Since I know the founders of Ecoshit, I confided in them my dramatic experience. In the following weeks we sat together and developed the poop kit together. Since then, I've always had the prototype with me when I'm out and about, in the front glove compartment of my VW Polo."


The practical set contains everything you need to avert such a toilet emergency:

  • Toilet paper (which can be refilled at any time)
  • a small folding spade made of hygienic stainless steel
  • Disinfectant for hand cleaning afterwards

A set that you will hopefully never actually need. But if you do, you're well prepared. Dig a small hole at the edge of the forest or behind hedges, relieve yourself, wipe your bottom and then bury the remains neatly. Before you continue your journey, quickly clean your hands with the disinfectant provided.

How does it work with the toilet paper spindle?

The toilet paper spindle is as simple as it is ingenious. Since we paid great attention to a discreet pack size when developing the poop kit , a whole toilet roll was out of the question. Instead, this spindle is included, onto which you can easily wind between two and three meters of toilet paper. The rubber band is used to hold the toilet paper in place - but it also serves as a loop for hanging, for example on a small branch or on the hedge.

The practical thing about it: The toilet paper can easily be refilled anywhere. No matter whether at home or on the go in the toilet at the motorway rest area or in a restaurant.

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