Wie funktioniert unser Trenneinsatz?

How does our divider insert work?

The separation insert is the heart of every separation toilet.

It is the job of this special funnel to collect the urine and drain it away in a targeted manner - as conveniently as with a conventional toilet.

In the best case scenario, the user doesn't even notice that they are sitting on a partition toilet when going to the toilet and can sit back and do their business in a relaxed manner.

The requirements for the separation insert are simple. It doesn't have to be particularly stable, but it does have to catch the urine reliably. The basic requirement for sustainable separation use is its resistance to water, diluted acids and cleaning chemicals.

To prevent dirt from sticking and settling, the surface of our separating insert is smooth and has no corners or edges. To clean it, it is usually sufficient to wash the separating insert with clear water, a damp cloth or diluted soapy water.

Another special feature of the Ecoshit separation insert is that the urine drain opening is perfectly matched to our odor trap and the connection adapter . This makes it incredibly easy to use and makes building your own toilet and optimizing it child's play.

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