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DIY kit

DIY kit

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Our vision is the widespread use of the ecological separation toilet. With this set it is possible to create a fully-fledged separation toilet for under 100 euros. Ideal for camping, for anglers, for the gazebo or for the self-constructed campervan. There are no limits to your creativity; anyone can build their dream waterless toilet.

With the DIY set it is possible to build your own separation toilet with little effort. The easy-to-understand illustrated construction instructions are included. To make the separating toilet you only need simple tools and some leftover material or wooden slats from the hardware store.

With this set you save yourself the time of searching for the right components and also save money compared to buying the individual parts!

scope of delivery

  • Separator insert "DIY"
  • Bucket (capacity 5.9 liters or 10.6 liters)
  • Urine canister (capacity 5 liters or 10 liters)
  • Odor trap membrane
  • Lovingly designed construction instructions with all the necessary information

The instructions are also available for download:

The toilet seat is not included in the DIY set. It can be purchased separately.

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