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Garbage bag perfumed, 20l

Garbage bag perfumed, 20l

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In the separating toilet, the garbage bag is used to catch and collect the feces. Together with the litter and toilet paper, the feces can be packed odor-proof and easily removed to empty the toilet. A clean thing, with an additional lemon scent.

This size fits the ECO 1 and ECO 1 Mini separating toilets, as well as the DIY separating toilet.

The garbage bag and its contents can be easily and safely disposed of in the trash. If you want to process the feces into fertile soil in your home compost, also use the compostable organic garbage bags!

Product features

  • Dimensions: 45 x 50cm
  • Material: foil
  • with a pleasant, fresh lemon scent
  • Brand: SWIRL
  • Volume: 20 liters
  • Quantity: 12 pieces
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