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Discretion concentrate urine dye

Discretion concentrate urine dye

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Do you sometimes find it a bit embarrassing to walk across the campsite to the disposal station with a urine canister in your hand? Or, as a woman, do you not want everyone to know about your menstrual status?

One way to disguise the color would be to use a colored (blue) urine canister. However, this means that the fill level indicator on the separating toilet no longer works and you risk getting your feet wet. If you want to influence the color of the urine in the canister, we have the elegant solution here.

With our contrast-enhancing discretionary concentrate, these problems are a thing of the past. Add about 5-10 drops to the urine canister and the contents will change color and take on a harmless color.

It looks like chemistry, but the concentrate is completely ecologically harmless: we use a mixture of highly concentrated food coloring to produce it!

Product features

  • Water-based dye, food safe
  • Color: BLUE or GREEN
  • Contents: approx. 10ml

scope of delivery

A glass bottle of discretionary concentrate

Note: Shake before use!

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